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From May 01 2016 to December 01 2018


Esoteric walk in the Capital in Campo De' Fiori...

One of the most beautiful and historic squares of Rome, between Via dei Giubbonari and Piazza Cancelleria and one of the most visited places in the Capital.

In 400, when the square did not exist, there was a big flowery meadow, hence the origin of the name.

The square is also known for being the backdrop of brutal executions carried out by the Church in 1600, remember one made against Giordano Bruno, philosopher and Dominican monk, burned alive as accused and found guilty of heresy.

At the point where now stands the imposing statue dedicated to the memory of Giordano Bruno, the origin, it was built the Fountain of Terrina; designed by the sculptor Giacomo Della Porta, decorated with bronze dolphins, oval-shaped cup and closed with a very similar cover to a bowl for this was called the "terrine".

On the cover it said "Love God and do not fail, does good, and let me say", a phrase probably inspired by the condemned to the gallows which was situated next to the fountain; the latter, then in 1924 was moved to the streets of the Nuova Chiesa.

Campo de 'Fiori is the only square in Rome where there is a church.

In the evening the neighborhood animated by the Roman nightlife, becomes the ideal place to spend a nice evening and enjoy a delicious aperitif, choosing in the variety of local present.

To visit in the immediate vicinity, the picturesque streets of the shops that bear the name of the ancient artisans as Via dei Baullari, Via dei Cappellari and street Via dei Giubbonari.

Simply crossing Corso Vittorio Emanuele II you will find yourself in front of the beautiful Fountain of the Four Rivers in Piazza Navona where you can visit the famous Church of St. Louis of France and admired within three absolute masterpieces by Caravaggio: The Martyrdom of St Matteo, Saint Matteo and the Angel and the Calling of Saint Matteo.

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To reach Campo De' Fiori from the Hotel:

Go to the Repubblica metro station and take the 70 line towards Clodio for 8 stops, get off at the Rinascimento and after having walked for about 350 meters you will be in Piazza Campo De' Fiori

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